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Transformers Universe Toys

Transformers: Universe is the name of a Transformers toy line by Hasbro that was launched in mid-2008 and ran as a mass retail line until early 2009, but continued throughout the year with various exclusive releases. The main way to distinguish between the two Universe lines accepted among fans is the difference in title logos.It was the second Transformers toy line to bear the Universe name; the first one was launched in 2003, with the last new toy of the line being released in early 2008.

 The G1 series also caused trouble, as suitcase-sized micro-cassettes aren't really that common, and flying spaceships aren't masters of disguise. Unless you're on Cybertron or something.Many of the new-mold toys were meant to feature "realistic" vehicle modes (a niche left otherwise unfilled after the end of the 2007 movie line), although that aspect was later muddled with the introduction of Legends Class toys for characters from the Animated line (which have not-so-realistic vehicle modes) and Beast Wars characters (which have animal forms as their alternate modes, not vehicles).

Just to break the vehicle-mode-based pattern completely, Universe also continued the non-transforming, super-cute Robot Heroes line.

In 2009, the packaging gained a "25 Years" corner logo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the brand, as the toyline's offerings expanded to include updates of key characters from every franchise.

The "main" focus of the second Universe toyline was on the Legends, Deluxe, Voyager and Ultra price points, which consist of new molds for "classic" characters from various previous lines, as well as redecos of existing toys from older lines (such as Cybertron and the 2006 Classics line). In addition, there were numerous store exclusive single and multi-packs, which also consisted of redecos of toys from older lines.

Many of the toys were redecoed for release in the Japanese Henkei! Henkei! toyline.


General retail
Legends Class
Wave 1
Transformers Universe Toys

Red Alert, a Legends Class toy.
Onslaught (Classic Series)
Red Alert (Classic Series)
Starscream (Classic Series)
Wave 2
Autobot Hound (Classic Series)
Autobot Jazz (Classic Series)
Megatron (G2) (Classic Series)
Wave 3
Bumblebee (Animated Series)
Optimus Prime (Animated Series)
Prowl (Animated Series)
Wave 4
Starscream (Animated Series)
Brawn (G1 Series)
Beachcomber (G1 Series)
Bumblebee (G1 Series)
Wave 5
Autobot Cosmos (G1 Series)
Warpath (G1 Series)
Rodimus (G1 Series)
Autobot Wheelie (G1 Series)
Deluxe Class
Wave 1

Transformers Universe Toys

Acid Storm, a Deluxe Class toy.
Prowl (Classic Series)
Sunstreaker (Classic Series)
Tankor (Classic Series; an update of Octane, not named so due to trademark issues)
Wave 2
Acid Storm (Classic Series)
Galvatron (Classic Series)
Wave 3
Ironhide (Classic Series)
Sideswipe (Classic Series)
Silverstreak (Classic Series, an update of Bluestreak, not named so due to trademark issues)
Wave 4
Starscream (Generation 1 Series; minor redeco of Classics Deluxe Starscream)
Autobot Hound with Ravage (Generation 1 Series)
Cheetor (Beast Wars Series)
Cyclonus with Nightstick (Generation 1 Series)
Wave 5
Dinobot (Beast Wars Series)
Smokescreen (Generation 1 Series)
Wave 6
Hot Shot with Jolt (Armada Series)
Autobot Ratchet (Generation 1 Series)
Voyager Class
Wave 1
Transformers Universe Toys

Heavy Load, a Voyager Class toy.
Autobot Blaster with Mini-Con Blockrock (Classic Series)
Decepticon Heavy Load with Mini-Con Drill Bit (Classic Series)
Wave 2
Autobot Blades (Classic Series)
Dropshot (Classic Series)
Wave 3
Tread Bolt (Classic Series)
Wave 4
Inferno (Generation 2 Series)
Vector Prime with Mini-Con Safeguard (Cybertron Series)
This wave had minimal retail distribution, and as a result, Vector Prime was a very rare sight at US stores. Inferno shipped again in the subsequent wave. Vector Prime finally showed up in somewhat larger quantities many, many months after his initial retail sighting.
Wave 5
Overload (Cybertron Series)
Leo Prime (Beast Wars Series)
Ultra Class
Wave 1

Transformers Universe Toys